Liara vs Neopan

So thanks to a certain Mister McInnes I now have a bloody website, wahey!

I thought that I would christen my new website with a blog. Keeping in mind how boring shoot blogs are, with the odd exception; and how boring it is listening to photographers talk about their work… yawn! Luckily women are a little less gear-faggoty (lies) and more oooh doesn’t she look beautiful! Plus, I know that I’m shit so I will be emphasising that in every blog entry. Dampening people’s expectations cushions the disappointment for when they actually meet me.

True story.

I will start with one of my most recent shoots purely because I want to gush about how amazing this lady is. Plus I haven’t developed the films from the shoot that was actually my most recent shoot. I’m not making any sense here.

Okay, here we go…!

A last minute shoot that was confirmed pretty much the night before it took place. Even on the morning I woke up we were unsure that it would go ahead due to the chilly weather, but with impending forecasts predicting the end of the ‘British summer’ we figured fuck it, and went ahead with our last minute plans. Sorry I do swear rather a lot.

The brief was colourful and summery, which was difficult to achieve in dull cloudy weather. Not to mention Blackpool is a massive shitehole. I mean, if you could remove all of the people it would be the perfect location for what I like to shoot. Unfortunately trying to use such a place whilst dealing with the un-evolved apes that frequent the most shoot-worthy areas is both frightening and annoying. I honestly don’t feel safe taking models to shoot around there. They seem to have an obsession with looking at women’s crotches in Blackpool, I have never come across this specific sort of behaviour before. Legs and arses okay, but what’s the fascination with crotch-peeping? Weirdos.

Anyways. It being a Sunday the town was a little more approachable and Liara had asked to shoot at the beach. So I took her to the quieter part where the old biddies hang around, coincidentally it’s where all the cool cats go. I’m pleased to say that we didn’t have any problems shooting there and in fact when we moved over to the North Pier later in the day to shoot some Polaroids, people were even stopping to let us take our shots instead of walking through them – which I’m guilty of doing because I’m a bitch. Mostly though it’s because I go out without my contact lens in and can’t see anything.

The only ‘meh’ moment of the day was my Polaroid Image System breaking, so now I have to judge taking photographs with it in a whole new way. The viewfinder is gubbed therefore what you see through it isn’t what you get. I took a hilariously funny floating head shot of Liara and discovered the fault. However I have worked my way around this and used the camera with my friend Faye at the weekend. Yays! I will share that shoot when I eventually develop all the films.

Oh and Liara! What can I say about Liara? I always gush in my references but it’s because I genuinely have worked with models who are the bee’s knees. Liara is another one of those amazing women that I feel so privileged to have met, never mind who allowed me to photograph her. Photographs lie but film doesn’t. Yes you can still put scans through Photoshop, in fact you have to because scanner software clips all the blacks and whites… Fuck, no technical talk allowed on this blog! What I will say though and it’s only my view of film and why I use it, before all the digital peeps get their megapixels in a tizzy and lynch me – film I feel, doesn’t lie about how people look. I like reality and there are times when I really don’t. At the moment I’m so desperately trying to capture the beauty that actually exists rather than creating my own false ideas of it. So finding film for me, has been a bit of a saviour. I love the depth that it adds to what you’re shooting. Liara has so much character and warmth and so I think that she was made to be shot on film.
I absolutely loved working with her.

So the images, actually we can call these photographs because they exist in real photograph form. These were all shot on Neopan 400. I pushed the film to 1600 in order to give the high-key, bleached out look. I was confident in pushing this roll of film because Liara has dark hair and skin, so she really stands out. Whereas me being a walking corpse, I would probably have disappeared into the white like a poltergeist. *waves*

I still have a roll of colour film to develop from this shoot, which I’m hoping will come out as well and give Liara some images she will be pleased with.

P.S. Liara, you fucking rock!

Liara vs Neopan

Liara vs Neopan

Liara vs Neopan

Liara vs Neopan

Liara vs Neopan

Liara vs Neopan

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  1. Congratulations on your new website! I have to say I think your pictures of Liara are some of your best pictures in your portfolio and number 3 absolutely is my favourite. Well done to you both! I look forward to more 🙂

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