Scottish self-taught analog photographer.
I’m now a proud ‘jock’ living in Manchester.
Creating with tangible imagery is what really drives and inspires me. I spend most days creating new pictures or in a darkroom developing and printing. I’ve been very lucky to have my work exhibited and published internationally.
I’m online. A lot.
(I hope you like cats).

Impossible Magazine
Analog Magazine
Analogue Vibes

Light Leaked


Print Publications 

She Shoots Film Issue 1: Self Portrait
Monochrome Magazine Issue 4: Instant

Femme Fotale Volume III: Analog

Photodarium Classic 2017 Calendar

Photodarium Private 2017 Calendar

‘elegia : Self-portraits’ – A Quite Delightful Monograph
Issue Two of The Quite Delightful Project : ‘Quite Lovely’.

‘Raw Beauties’ – A Polaroid Project (Book)
Published by Galerie Vevais Editions


‘Polaroid Is Not Dead’ : Expolaroid
April 9th – May 1st, 2016
Hotel Pasteur: Rennes, France
SHVR: Traditional & Diverging Views of Beauty, Romance & Darkness
October 31st & November 13th/14th/15th 2015
The Fruit: Durham, NC
‘Impossible presents 8 x 8’
February 20th – February 22nd 2015
The Hoxton Gallery: London, UK.


‘Chemistry: New Instant Photography’
June 10th – July 27th 2014
The Jam Factory: Oxford, UK.

‘Wanrooij meets Raw Beauty’
June 6th – June 21st 2014
Wanrooij Gallery: Amsterdam