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The beginning of 2015 is already flying in and has been very busy for me. A lot of my plans have had to go on the back-burner, but happily so. I was very humbled to be asked by Impossible to be part of their first exhibition last month in London : ‘Impossible presents 8×8’.
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The show was held at The Hoxton Gallery and it was curated to promote the new Instant Lab Universal. Admittedly I don’t own or use the Instant Lab, so it was great to see other people’s creative approach to using it. As well as finally being able to meet some of the team from Impossible and the other artists involved. Everyone’s work looked really fantastic. 🙂

(Images provided by The Impossible Project, Nicolas Laborie & Heinz at The Impossible Space in London)Georgia-flyer-12


Exhibitions are one aspect of photography which I feel very passionate about. As someone who works with physical images, whether that be through the instantaneous printing of Polaroid or darkroom printing; having my work end up somewhere other than online is my sole focus. There is just nothing that compares to the experience of printing your own work and/or viewing it hung up on a wall somewhere! I also find the process of selecting images to exhibit to be very useful. It makes me evaluate my progress – positively and negatively. Although I don’t think accepting your mistakes is a negative thing; mistakes are the best learning curve and something that I find furnish my knowledge. I think the only scary thing about exhibitions is being in the same room as my work whilst people are looking at it. I always feel quite exposed and vulnerable. I don’t think I’ve always chosen the right pieces of work to show and sometimes I worry that I choose with a little too much sentimentality. However, every experience is new and new experiences are always a good thing.

The opening night itself was great, and thanks to everyone who made it down to have a look and a chat with me! It was a very hectic evening and having a few familiar faces in the crowd to speak to really did mean a lot to me. I also must say a massive thank you to everyone at Impossible for again, supporting me and my work.  You can watch a small interview with me at the exhibition conducted by Impossible below. There are also interviews with all of the other artists available on their YouTube channel.

Now we make it to March and some more exciting news! 🙂
This month I am so incredibly chuffed to have a collection of my self-portrait work published in a monograph to accompany the second issue of the Quite Delightful Project’s luxurious magazine, which showcases erotica in all of its various forms. I was made aware of this incredible magazine by a model friend late last year, when she was trying to encourage me to put my work forward to them for consideration – something which I never did follow through with doing. It’s been such a privilege to get to know some of the team at QD who even popped along to the Impossible exhibition last month. Moreover, to see my work being put into print form in this way has been such an amazing thing. I own a copy of the first issue ‘Quite Frankly’ and the monographs that accompany it and so I can attest to just how exquisite in quality each part of the magazine is. Everything from the design through to the binding, and as another photographer friend expressed this week – even the smell of it is fantastic!

The new issue is titled ‘Quite Lovely’ and as well as my work, there is a monograph of John Stoddart’s wonderful photography. You can pre-order a copy via the website which I will link here –
It is limited to just 100 copies. Please do show your support for real print work and go order your own. The magazine is more like a book – which those of you who own the first issue will know – and I am sure that QD is going to become something which people collect. I feel very strongly about print publications as I already collect so many myself. The monograph of my work features a few new images which haven’t been shared anywhere else before. It would be an understatement to say that I am beyond excited about receiving my copy, and no doubt I will share my thoughts on it soon after! 🙂

(The cover design for my monograph).Dee Monograph cover

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