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I’m very lucky to have ticked another country off of my list, as I find myself exhibiting in Rennes, France this month. I am in great company in the exhibition which is showcasing the work of many other wonderful artists, as part of the Expolaroid event celebrating art created using Polaroid film. The show opened on Saturday and you can find full details on this event as well as the many, many other exhibitions taking place over the course of April, on the Expolaroid website:
I had been planning to make the trip over myself but I am so busy with work. Thankfully I’ve been able to see lots of pictures from the opening with everyone’s work on display in this really interesting location. It looks fantastic, so thank you to the lovely people behind the scenes for all of their hard work in putting it together. 🙂


I’ve really gone a bit insular for what has been 2016 so far, and because of that I’ve made myself set aside time this month to go and visit my friends back home. I have to be very disciplined with my days and spend most of it in the darkroom or out shooting new images. Because of this I sometimes worry about neglecting my friendships, due to getting so caught up in my work. I struggled a little bit in March due to my beloved cable release – which is designed for the SX-70 –  breaking somehow (probably heavy handedness from me dragging it around on locations). Thankfully I have a new one on the way from a film friend! I don’t have a favourite when it comes to cameras really, they all suit different settings and motives, but I have to say I love the SX-70 very much and I’ve missed being able to quickly set it up and create self-portraits. Spring Polaroid Week is upon us and other than a few images that I’ve held back, I will very much be clicking away right up until the night before to have something (anything) to contribute.

So aside from mishaps with equipment, I have so many new images that I’ve created recently. I got around to making more mixed media pieces with the Instax I shot on my Glasgow trip and I’ve been going through roll film like nobody’s business. Many of these images were created as a side project related to my Nightcall book. The motivation behind them has a lot to do with my relationship with my partner, and making images that are influenced and intended for him. I find a lot of my other work more scary to share than anything that simply has a sexual undertone. However, I do feel like I’m expected to justify my intentions sometimes when I attempt to explain the ideas behind erotic images, and I think that’s due to the overwhelming amount of stigma and shame related to women expressing themselves sexually. Personally, I find it empowering and I’m more scared of getting undressed in a public changing room than I am of sharing a side of myself that it took a long time for me to discover. I hope that the book will be something that I treasure as a documentation of this fearless period in my life.

More of my new work can be found on my self-portrait gallery:





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