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I was recently sent an Instax Wide camera to test out from the lovely people at Lomography in London. There’s a little interview that has gone up today on their magazine (thank you to the lovely Eunice). You can have a peek at my usual rambling replies to work related questions here:

I must admit that I have very limited experience working with Instax as a photographer. A few years ago I tried out the Instant Back that they make for Diana F+ cameras, which was fun but the prints were a little small for my liking. So it was exciting to be given the opportunity to try out this newer model that creates a larger print, plus the camera itself has more controls: the remote control lens cap being something that appealed because I shoot a lot of self-portraits. I had a quick play with the camera for the first time last week, so I’m going to share a few of my results with you.

I find that my creativity seems to flourish at night, but on my last excursion in the AM I was so cold that I couldn’t face going outdoors again. So I simply used a table lamp in my lounge and posed along the wall to make these ambient light exposures – some of them doubles. I am very much enjoying working with instant film as a starting point (much like negatives in the darkroom when printing) therefore, a lot of the Instax I’ve made collages out of or cut them up and painted onto them. Taking them apart is a little messy, but it’s just as easy to do as cutting up Polaroids.

I was back home in Scotland at the end of last week to see my best friends get married, so I’ve not had a lot of time to shoot. I haven’t explored using the camera outside yet but I do plan to! I’m very keen to have more fun with multiple exposures and also at shooting someone other than myself. On my brief trip home, I did manage to shoot a little bit in my hotel room and I’ve already made some more mixed media pieces out of the resulting images. I have lots more that I’ve taken that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. That’s always the way with some images, and I find myself going back to Polaroids or film negatives I made years ago and creating new work with them. Tools are very much tools, and it’s how you choose to use them that will hopefully broaden your work.

I also shot some simple portraits in natural light, which you can see along with more of the results here:

Thank you again to the kind people at Lomography for sending me the camera! I’ve already ordered more film for my upcoming plans. 🙂

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