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My blog has been on accidental hiatus this year, because I’ve been juggling several different projects at the same time – too much to witter on about in this post! At the beginning of 2017, I self-published my first self-portrait book/zine which sold out (THANK YOU!) and I’ve also had a bunch of publications in other magazines and books. There’s been much to feel happy and proud about work-wise, and I thrive when I’m busy and feeling inspired. My only source of stress has come from having to move house again: the seventh time that I’ve had to move in the last six years! And it wasn’t a pretty moving day experience, because both of my little rescue cats were frantic and in pieces. I sometimes think they sense my own anxiety and respond accordingly to it. I guess that they’re very much like me in that they need to feel content and safe, and home is where we all seek to have that. However, once that front door was closed and I’d unpacked the necessities, all three of us were in much calmer spirits. We have so much more space and light, and I’ve already been channeling my love for design with new furnishings that lend itself to the Art Deco building we now call home. So this blog is a brazen excuse to celebrate my exciting new surroundings and its shoot potential by sharing the results of my first shoot here with my friend and muse, Faye.

Since I can’t tag film specs on here like I would on Instagram: all of the images in this post were shot using Lomography X Pro film and my Olmypus Mju II, which is my favourite 35mm camera – seriously, one of the best cameras I own. I was a bit worried that the X Pro film would be yellow on skin tones, but it’s surprisingly not at all, and I do love how incredibly grainy it is. Faye and I ran around the building and outside, fitting in a few outfit changes and a tea break or five, to finish this roll off super fast. That’s always how we work – quickly, with plenty of tea supplies and just having fun with it!

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