I should be sleeping. It’s currently 1:28 am and I head off on my first proper model tour tomorrow afternoon.  Nervous. Excited. PANIC ATTACK. Waaah, I don’t have enough pants to last fifteen days! That’s partly why I’m blogging just now though. Not the lack of pants, more the fact that I’ll have gazillions of things to write about when I get back in over two weeks time. Eek! Two weeks away from my little cats! *sad face* Gawd help my housemate who will have to take over kitty hugging cat dump-scraping duties whilst I’m gone. *evil laugh* 

My lovely friend Fizzy and I are Derbyshire bound in the afternoon,  we’re also hitting Londinium and Bristol way before settling in Bournemouth for a week. Hint hint… book us, we’re the dog’s danglies. We’re going to be staying with the awesome Sarah Rae, who I met and shot not too long ago. So it seems only fitting that I do a little blog raving about her before I finally put the nerves to bed and go catch some zzzzz’s.

Sarah Rae is a bit mental, in the best possible way!


Fuck… that rhymes. This blog is going tits-up already!
Did you spot all of the willies in that Polaroid? Teehee.

Last month she was on a model tour of her own, so we finally got to meet up and shoot. Something we’d been planning for a while, and that both of us were nervous about. I’d had a rough shoot a few days before and wasn’t feeling my normal self. By the end of the day I had forgotten all about that and literally had to stop myself from skipping home like a loon-ball. 

I think it’s really hard to capture in an image what someone is like in person, after all visuals don’t sum that up completely. I still haven’t got an image of me that I think shows off who I actually am, maybe it’s not achievable. What I learned when shooting with Sarah is how important it is to let things be natural and just chase the photograph, rather than set it up. So much of the work I’ve created before has been static, particularly with Polaroid. I got bored of it massively. Everything is contrived but perhaps at least the moment doesn’t have to be? If you wait around for it. So I started planning less and focusing more on the rapport and experience that a shoot is supposed to be about. Whenever I shoot my friend Faye I have the same thought, it’s more of a day-out than a formal shoot and it seems that that’s how we get the best out of one another.

I only had one vague idea in mind with Sarah and that was panda-related due to a sort of challenge Mr Cheng had given me – looks like we failed on that though, booo! The rest of the day we just winged it. Within half an hour of us meeting Sarah was in the sea under the pier at Blackpool beach. Later on we broke into an old recycling plant and had the whole place to ourselves for an hour or so. Oh christ, there are some ‘rolling around in tyres’ images that I swear will never see the light of day! Lollerskates. I’ve bottled it on one or two shoots, and this is one of those times when I could have done that again; but for some reason it was all incredibly easy.  I genuinely had thee best time and I feel very lucky to have gotten to know this beautiful lady and that I get to catch up with her again very soon! Hopefully I can capture more of the crazy rainbows and unicorns side of her that I know, this time around. She’s a little ‘rae’ of sunshine.
Punnage skills : 1/5
I’m blaming Plumb for that.
Oh fucking hell, I hate myself.

The photographs!

These were shot on a variety of films. Namely Kodak T-Max, Kodak Ekta E100 VS and Fujicolor Reala, all expired. With some token IP Polaroids.

The Real A





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